Technical Difficulties…cont.

I CAN NOT believe it’s been a whole week since I last posted here! I’ve been pretty busy in my first life and haven’t been able to long into SL much lately and when I have managed to do so I’ve mostly been working on organizing my inventory as it’s gotten a bit out of control lately. I guess time flies even when you’re NOT having fun.

The last post talked about technical difficulties with this blog template and some of the images showing Photobucket upgrade ads due to exceeded bandwidth. I did hear back from the template designer and he told me that none of the images in the template were saved to Photobucket and said that the demo template was working fine so I should just reinstall the template. I checked my blog again and the Photobucket ads were gone so I figured that everything must have worked itself out and I was ready to drop it and move on.

Alas, a quick and easy solution was not in the Read More to for continued drama.

Then I looked at my blog again yesterday and the issue was back! UGH! I did a little more research and found out that it’s an off and on issue depending on the amount of traffic on that template at any given time. I decided to respond back to the template designer with more information in hopes for a permanent solution.

As I mentioned above, the designer indicated that none of the images for that template were stored on Photobucket but when I looked at the HTML file of the template I was able to identify several images that had addresses linking them to Photobucket. I did a quick copy and paste on one of those links and put it into my response to him and asked for further clarification as to whom these images might belong. I also checked out the demo he had indicated was working fine and was able to recreate the issue when I moved my cursor over different areas. The issue wasn’t as prominently displayed on the demo because several of the affected fields were not filled out (i.e. Catagories and Friends & Links) on the demo and I mentioned that to him as well.

Kudos for the designer for his prompt responses and willingness to look into the issue because he responded the same day and said that I was right, he had mistakenly forgotten to move some of the images over to his own server and in fact some were still stored in Photobucket and were exceeding their bandwidth. He then went on to mention something about the images were removed from Photobucket because of the bandwidth issue and he wasn’t sure if he could get them back to put on his own server and that he was continuing to work on the issue. His English is a bit broken so I’m not entirely sure about the meaning of that last part, since I still see the images on the template, but I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and a bit more time to work things out before I decide to switch templates.

So, you may or may not see ugly Photobucket ads when you visit my blog but if you do please rest assured that I know about it and am working on getting it resolved. Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you’ll return soon.


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