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This One Goes to 11

Today’s post will be a little different because instead of showing you just a place to visit or fashion tip, I’ll be showing you both!

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So let’s start with the new place I visited the other day. I was feeling rather rocktacular in my little black dress and mane of red hair and was looking for a place that would reflect how I felt for some pics. I did an in-world search for Heavy Metal and found this club named Machine Shop and it’s billed as a “True Metal Club”. This place really reminded me of my younger, more rebellious days when I would rip up my jeans and dye my hair jet black. Oh, the good old days.

When I arrived at the club my eyes soaked in the skulls and skeletons, motorcycles, burning crosses, pentagrams and stripper poles while my ears were assaulted by fast and furious music accompanied by growling vocals. I arrived here on a Sunday morning so things were a little slow at the time but the owner was there as well as a couple of pretty ladies and everyone was very friendly.

They invited me to dance with them and to join the group and said that the place really gets to hopping on Friday nights and that they are just like a big 'ol head bangin' family. That’s good I guess, because this isn’t the kind place I would think you would want to bring your SL wifey with her talking prim fetus (although if I had my druthers those creepy fetus’ would just be left at home and not be taken anywhere).

Annyywayyy….next time you are looking for a place to rock out with your cock out or jam out with you clam out (figuratively speaking, of course) then stop on by the
Machine Shop.

Fallen Angel

Okay, now on to the fashion tip I mentioned. I wanted to tell y’all about RockBerry skins, specifically the Uma line. I got my first UMA skin as a freebie and was just blown away at the beauty and detail of it. The lips were so luscious without being too pouty and the nose and eyes were just gorgeously done. I know there is debate as to whether freebies are an effective form of advertisement and I can tell you that in this case it definitely was because I bought the six pack of makeups in the Uma line a month or so ago and didn’t even experience a moment of buyer's remorse. It also helps that the price is very reasonable, especially if you can catch them on sale like I did.

RockBerry is a popular place with 4 lucky boards and 1 lucky chair (stocked with the Megan skin line) that is always being stalked by a multitude of ladies. The other day, my friend Maia told me that RockBerry has now added an MM board and stocked it with their newest offering, Uma skins with tintable lips! She also said that the mad rush of women trying to get those skins was so crazy that the sim crashed twice while she was trying to register herself on the MM board. I stopped by there this morning to see if I could get registered myself before I had to rush off to RL work and didn't find an MM board but did find an advertisement board that gave the skins for free as soon as you touched it with your group tag activated. Word on the street is that people were complaining so much about the lag / crashes and telling the owner, Heather Beebe, how she should run her business she just took the MM board down. Bless her generous heart for still providing these skins for free to her group members. I'm not sure how long these will be available so hurry on down to RockBerry, join the group if you aren't already a member, run upstairs, touch the ad board and begin your love affair with RockBerry skins.

Eyes - Miriel - Standard - Vivid Hazel
Shape - Alady 2009 Perfect Tribute to Jula
Skin - Rockberry - Uma - C - Natural
Hair - Damselfly - Paxtyn - Hibiscus Warm
Dress - Thalia - Dolce Dress - Black
Shoes - Baby Monkey - Ultimate Addie Glitter - Silver
Earrings - Primagine - Chandelier Earring - Silver
Bracelets - Ticky Tacky - Bah-di-ah Bangles - Silver and Insomniac Bangles - Skully Pout
Pose - Striking Poses - Paula Abdul - dollarbie to group members


Honey said...

Ooooooo, wonder if they're still available....*itches to get home and see*

Bryn Cleanslate said...

I hope you manage to snag them Honey. :) Thanks for stopping by!

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