Here Comes the Rain Again

In the Dumps

I was feeling down in the dumps and just felt like giving up.

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Momma Said There'd be Days Like This

Maybe you know the feeling, like life has just snuck up and blind-sided you. So, to commiserate with my mood, I decided to find a place that fell in line with my funk. So, I whipped out my handy "Interesting Places to Visit" notecard that I picked up at SL6B and checked out the section under Rainy / Water sims. The first one listed was the Cream Shop sim so I took the next taxi that didn't run me over and checked it out.

Cream Shop

Oh yes, this place was absolutely perfect! It was raining like mad with water sheeting off the windows and canopies, lighting and thunder shaking the place up and even puddles that made great splashing sounds when I walked through them.


First thing I did was to find a nice place to sit with a book and a cup of tea and try to be more an observer of the rain rather than the creator of it. I'm no stranger to the rain and I know that, as in most things, this too shall pass.

Once I felt a little more centered, I looked around in the eclectic shop that shares the name of the sim. There were the ever present clothes, hair and fashion accessories but there was also funky furniture, a deer to pose upon, a mini acting stage, dress forms, trash bags (as seen in first pic) and...umbrellas! Just what I needed!

Waiting Out the Rain

Rain with come and rain will go and sometimes the best you can do is find a bit of shelter and wait out the storm.

Eyes - Ashes to Ash's - FieryBrown - DSN freebie
Lashes - Miriel - Glamour
Shape - Alady 2009 Perfect Tribute to Jula
Skin - LionSkins - SU - Sunkiss 20
Hair - CiC - Sadria II - Mocha Sunkiss - Group Gift
Dress - Cupcakes - Mini Dress - Tangerine
Shoes - Cheeky Shoes - Xstreet
Earrings / Necklace - Miriel - freebie / hunt gift
Bracelet - PRIMALOT - Namaste! - freebie


theodorenacht said...

That's a very cute post. I made my way over here from your flickr. I really love that LionSkins skin. You look radiant.

Bryn Cleanslate said...

Heya Theo! Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog and for the lovely compliment. I fell in love with LionSkins a few months back and grab new ones whenever I can. They are really great for dramatic makeups.

I hope you'll stop back by again sometime soon. Best wishes!

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