I've Gone Global!

Cheers, obrigada, danke schön, grazie, bedankt, ta, sagol, takk, multumesc, dziekuje, komapsumnida, jule, tack, gum xia, arigato, merci, tienu, gracias, ke a leboga, kiitos, go raibh maith 'ad, and THANKS!!

It's been one month to the day since I installed Google Analytics (or sometimes fondly referred to as Anal Tics since it's the retentive type of personality that relishes in these things) on my blog and since that time I have gotten hits from the following countries:

United States, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Turkey, Norway, Romania, Poland, South Korea, India, Sweden, Singapore, Japan, France, Estonia, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Finland and Ireland.

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I think that it's so incredibly cool that people from all over the globe have visited my blog at least once and I just wanted to say thank you for your interest. I know that I have a few return visitors and I want to extend a special thanks to them for their continued support. I would also like to express my gratitude to Banana Vella and Shangreloo for placing me on their blogroll lists as I know I've gotten traffic from their blogs. Thanks ladies!

If my arms could reach around the globe I would give y'all all a huge hug!

I'm gonna do my best to keep the posts coming and I hope that y'all will feel free to leave a comment or two every now and again to reassure me that, in fact, someone is remotely interested in my ramblings.

Hugs and kisses and best wishes!


Banana Vella said...

Anal tics is wonderful (once its working)!!

Thanks for the kudosssss

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