Outback Awesomness

Promises of Things to Come

A friend of mine, Maia, and I were looking for something to do and she suggested that we drop by Australia. She had heard that the sim was under new ownership and that they had done some renovations. I'm always up for an adventure so we grabbed a taxi and were on our way! Care to come along?

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There are several different places to visit on the Australia sim but today we are gonna rough it and head into the Outback. To do that just find the silver TP signs located at the TP arrival point and select Outback.

Aussie Wild Dogs
G'day mate! Watch out for those Dingos!

Aussie Shooting Gallery
It's wild out there, perhaps we should brush up on our shooting skills at this free Shooting Gallery or that Clay Pigeon launcher.

There are several ways for us to get around and explore, choose your poison.

Aussie Horse Ride

Aussie Birds

Aussie LOTD
You have GOT to jump into one of these trucks and drive around leaving dust trails in your wake. Be sure to hit any smoking barrels while you are in the highest gear...I guarantee it will be a BLAST!

Aussie Camping
There's even a place to settle in for the night and reflect back on your great adventure.

On a very serious note, the Australian government is making moves to begin to censor/ filter the internet that the citizens access. This is shocking to hear as I always assumed these types of things only happen in Communist countries, but I guess I was wrong. The filters will block out anything the Australian government deems inappropriate or adult in nature, including Second Life. To learn more and have a chance voice your opinion you can visit

Eyes - Miriel - Standard Eyes - Vivid Hazel
Shape - Alady 2009 Perfect Tribute to Jula
Skin - Cupcakes - Seduction - Copper - Serenade w/ freckles
Hair - Celestial Studios - Annie May Hair III - Smolder
Shirt - Thalia - Open Shirt - Green
Pants / Skirt - Cupcakes - Corduroy Skirt / Leggings - Brown / Green
Jacket - Bare Rose - Inferno - Light Brown
Boots - Bare Rose - Studded Jockey Boots - Brown
Earrings - Ticky Tacky - Everyday Hoops
Bracelet - Miriel - Double Metal Bracelet - Copper/Gold


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