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LOTD 062709 v3
Eyes - Shine Lustrous - Golden Teal (large) - DSN Freebie...Shape - Alady 2009 Perfect Tribute to Jula...Skin - Cupcakes - Seduction - Copper - Easter Skin Gift
Hair - Truth - Novacaine Hair - Leona - Smoke - 50L on sale now...Dress - Alchemi - Sylphia - FabFree gift (at their headquarters...Jewelry - PRIMALOT - Butterfly Necklace - Turqoise - freebie

For YEARS I was determined to always be a redhead in SL and I just couldn't fathom making a change from that glorious color. But, when I started looking into modeling I figured out very quickly that I needed to have more options to go with different clothes and skin tones so I reluctantly started trying out different hair colors. Now, as evidenced by these pics, I have found that I also enjoy being a brunette!

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LOTD 062709 v2

It's really not all that surprising since I am a Gemini and enjoy change and novelty much more than routine. What IS surprising is that it took me so long to figure out how much fun it is to change up my look, especially since it's so darn easy in SL!

LOTD 070309 v2
Eyes - TEKUTEKU - Eko - Wine PInk - Freebie in store...Shape - Alady 2009 Perfect Tribute to Jula...Skin - Tuli - Hope - Sunkissed / br - June 2009 picks reward - still available in store...Hair - mikan - pigtaile01- black - dollarbie in store
Shirt - Capri Designs - Stone Roses Top...Pants - SLink - Buckle dress pants - Spring Blue - DSN freebie...Jewelry - PRIMALOT - Synapsis Set - freebie

As the title of this post indicates, it's all about ME! I enjoy coming up with different looks / poses and taking pics so I hope you will enjoy the result and maybe find out about some great deals while you are at it or even be inspired to do the same.

Eyes - Miriel - Vivid Hazel - Standard...Shape - Alady 2009 Perfect Tribute to Jula
Skin - Lazolli/L'oring - Linda 01A - freebie...Hair - Tiny Bird - Bella / Bella Bangs - Dragees - freebie...Dress - SteamBound - Cornflower Summer Corset Set - group gift...Shoes - Baby Monkey - Celeste - Mint Suede - freebie...Jewelry - DM Designs - Ice Princess Collection - Journey Set - DSN freebie

Thanks for indulging me everyone (women love that)! Best wishes!


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