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Studio Genre
Shown: Sculpture hovering above the main stage at Studio Genre built by Jacobo Sands and textured by his partner Rowan Argus.

Second Life provides all kinds of places to feed your ever growing inventory, libido or vanity but what if you are looking for a place to also feed your soul? Those places are definitely fewer and farther between but they do exist and today I want to point you in the direction of one of them. (Just push that little "Read More" button below)

A friend of mine, Jacobo Sands (/me waves..hi Jac!), has been hard at work with several artists to bring you an amazing place named Studio Genre. It’s an arts sim “run by artists for artists”, all of whom create and sell their art in the real world and seek to begin to promote and sell their works in SL as well.

Each artist has created an avatar in SL and have their own individual gallery building at Studio Genre so when you visit there is a chance that you might bump into the artists themselves as you are enjoying their genuinely original works. It is hoped that this concept will also create a sense of community between the different artists so that ideas can be exchanged freely with the goal of inspiring new art.

Besides all the wonderful and diverse art to be seen at Studio Genre, you will find a lovely tropical environment with various places to sit, relax and enjoy the view and even a dance floor to share a romantic moment with that someone special.

Studio Genre has been open for a few weeks and there are big plans for the future. Currently there are seven artists with works on display and there is still room for a few more. Some are even planning events that will take place simultaneously in both the real and virtual worlds with feeds of music and activities flowing in both directions. There are also plans for the artists to give lectures on different aspects of art, such as color, the use of mixed media, etc.

I will be exploring Studio Genre myself and highlighting the works of the different artists here on my blog in individual posts but there is no need for you to wait for me as you can go there yourself and check out all the wonder and beauty that is art.


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