LionSkins Sale...Raawwwwrrr!!!

I fell in love with LionSkins a few months back when I ran across a sale they were having on their now discontinued Suzanna skin line. Up until that point, I had been making due with the few Gala skins that I had collected over the years. Boy, did I open up a can of worms once I picked up several LionSkins. Suddenly, my eyes were opened to all the possibilities of different looks that different skins provided. Now you could say that I'm a "skin whore" and I love to collect as many skins as I can.

Push the "Read more" button below for details of the sale and pictures of available makeups.

The sale is on the SU line of skins and there are 40 wonderful makeups to choose from in 4 different skins tones. LionSkins has a reputation for creating dramatic makeups that are great for strutting your stuff on the runway or high-fashion photo shoots but there are also more natural makeups to choose from.

Each skin is on sale for the exceptional price of 120L$ each but only until July 6th so get over there ASAP and find yourself your next favorite skin. I know I will!

Best wishes everyone!

Lion Skins Sale 1
Lion Skins Sale 2
To see better details, click on a photo to be taken to my Flickr photostream and then select All Sizes at the top of the photo and then choose Original Size at the top of the photo at the next page.


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