Happy 6th Birthday!

SL6B Linden Labs4

Second Life has been around for six years this month and to celebrate they have all kinds of activities and displays for you to check out. You can find landmarks to all the event areas by doing an in-world search and going to the Showcase tab. Just like that, you have five different landmarks to various SL6B celebration areas at the very top of the search window.

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There's obviously a ton of things to do and see but for now I'll be showing you the Linden Labs Expo area that I ran across. This place is packed full of SL history and lots of Linden memorabilia, past and present. It is also full of pictures, art works and generally interesting things from around the grid.

SL6B Linden Labs3

SL6B Linden Labs2

SL6B Linden Labs1

If all that wasn't enough, the Lindens are giving US gifts on their birthday! Inside the building you will find a huge collection of quality, full perm textures from Torley Linden as well as TONS of adorable teddy bears. I guess the Lindens have made lots of commemerative teddy bears for holidays and special occasions over the years and now is your chance to pick them up. In fact, that giant teddy bear in the first picture is available as a freebie along with a smaller version.

Go check out the celebration and enjoy learning a bit more about Second Life's history and let them know we are looking forward to being a part of it's future.

Party on and best wishes!


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