Quicky LOTD

Here’s a quick LOTD since I’m at work and can’t get into SL to search up anything better (but I can still get to my Flickr account).

I WANNA be good!
More details after the break ======>

Every single thing in this pic was a freebie of one sort or another (except eyes and shape) and I just love the way they all came together to bring me a little bit o’ happiness.

The skin was a group gift and inspired by Kat Von D. I’ve always admired the star tattoos on her face and secretly wished I could live a life that free from social convention. My favorite thing about the dress is the netting underskirt as the texture on it is amazing and it has the perfect amount of sway when I move. The "Caged Heart" necklace is also a new fav of mine as it's so detailed with it's plump little red heart and even a key!

The pic was taken in a photo hall that I received through the DSN (Designer’s Showcase Network). If you haven’t joined up with them yet then get your booty in gear and do so ASAP! I’ve gotten some awesome stuff through there already and more is delivered to me daily without me having to even step out of my house!

BTW…I try to take all my pics in a large format and crop as little as possible so that more of the details can be seen when it’s expanded to it’s full size. If you ever want to see any of these blog pics in a larger size, just click on it and it will take you to that picture in my Flickr album then select “All Sizes” at the top of the photo and you will see the large version.

Enjoy and best wishes!

Eyes - Miriel - Vivid Hazel - Standard...Shape - Alady 2009 Perfect Tribute to Jula...Skin - Coquette - Celeste - Light - Kat! - recent group gift...Hair - ETD - Kiley - Black Bronzed - freebie...Dress - Caremnia Designs - Gothic Poppy - dollarbie...Shoes - part of one of Vinyl Cafe's recent combo group gifts...Necklace - PRIMALOT - Caged Heart - freebie...Bracelet - PRIMALOT - "Namaste" bracelet - freebie...Photo hall by La Petite Morte - DSN freebie


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