Landmark Lotto

As quickly as things change in SL, it's always a like playing the lotto when you teleport using a landmark that's been in your inventory for any amount of time. You never know if you are gonna win or lose but it never fails to be an adventure.

The other day I played Landmark Lotto and stumbled upon a place that caught my interest. It's a restaurant / club named
subdue and it's the place to go if you are interested in an "erotic dining" experience.


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Subdue has been open for a few weeks and the interior is lovely with a very zen feeling and relaxing atmosphere. They advertise live music and DJs on the schedule so it's fitting that they also have a dance floor on which to boogie the night away.

subdue interior

You might be thinking to yourself that there isn't anything particularly special about a well decorated club with live music / DJ and you would be correct. What makes subdue unique is the "erotic dining" offered either on regularly scheduled Sunday hours or off scheduled hours by appointment. This experience involves you and your guests being served sushi from a "human platter" of your choice.

subdue Menu Board

Your "human platter" will lie down on the table with a delectable selection of sushi for you to sample while your eyes are given an opportunity to enjoy the feast as well. The erotic sushi suits are comprised of handmade and textured prim items that were created by Ryan Radio. The sushi goes alpha (disappears) when touched and can be replenished easily with the use of a HUD.


The owner of subdue, Lias Leandros, is demonstrating the human platter concept in the picture above. If you are interested in owning one of the erotic sushi suits for yourself, and that can be used anywhere, they sell them at the restaurant for a very reasonable 500L and have a version for both male and female avatars. They are currently hiring human platters so contact Lias Leandros if you are interested in a unique way to earn some spending cash.


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