You Need More Potassium

Potassium 2
Worn: Potassium ~ Off Shoulder (Blue / Green), Jeans (Turtles - Blue) and Bangles (Ocean4)

How do I know that you may wonder? Am I psychic or maybe medically trained? Nope, neither of those guesses would be correct but it would be really cool if they were true!

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The way I know you need more Potassium is because this great new store hasn't been open long enough for you to have possibly gotten enough of what it has to offer yet. The owner / designer is Banana Vella and she is new on the scene and showing great promise. She uses lots of vibrant colors which floats my boat just fine and she obviously has an eye for detail when it comes to seams and textures.

She has lots of different ladies casual tops as well as blue jeans with prim bottoms. No, I did not get a picture of the prim jeans bottoms, which I didn't realize until I went to write this...remember, I'm still learning. Anyway, take my word for it, the prim bottoms on the jeans look excellent with perfect color matching and overall shaping. Besides that, the jeans themselves cover your ass crack which is always a plus. Hell, you don't even have to take my word for it just get over there and check them out yourself. The jeans have different images on them from turtles (seen above) to a bitchin' skull image that really caught my eye (nope, didn't get a picture of that either). Banana will even make you some custom jeans if you don't find you are looking for already in the store.

Potassium 1
Worn: Potassium ~ Halter (Off White), Jeans (Turtles - Blue) and Bangles (Ocean4)

Don't you just love the cut of the neckline on this halter? It hides just enough to keep you out of jail but not enough to keep you out of trouble.

The shop is in a big rustic barn surrounded by trees with cows and horses sharing the space in true starving artist style. Banana has kept the vibe causal and fun by providing lots of photo props and poses around the outside of the barn so you can take some cool pics in your new Potassium clothes. All the pictures in this post where taken there. Speaking of fun...

Potassium 3

...there are several of these funny SL related shirts as well as other cute "variety" off the shoulder tops for only 20L. In fact, nothing in the store is over 100L.

Banana has been hard at work on getting Potassium together and I know she is diligently working on more designs, probably as you are reading this. I think I heard a rumor that she was working on some men's clothes as well. So head on down and check it out, I know I'll be stopping back by (probably to get those skull jeans ^.~).

Best wishes everyone!


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