Cupcakes Update

I told y’all earlier about the store Cupcakes selling awesome Model Sample Bags for only 250L. In case you didn’t read the first post, the Model Sample Bags contain a shape, a single makeup skin (in all skins tones), an outfit and a selection of eyes. Yes, you can get all that for only 250L…what an amazing deal!

In the first post I showed y’all pictures of the contents of the first five Model Sample Bags if you want to get an idea of the quality and value of these items. Since I made that first post, there has been an additional 5 unique bags added to make a total of 10 from which to choose!

I’m not gonna post pictures of the additional five so you will just have to head on down to Cupcakes to check them out for yourselves. But, be quick about it because the word is that this amazing deal will only last until sometime in early July so don’t dawdle!


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