Photo Tip #1 - Continued

I think I figured out where I initially found this very helpful hint and wanted to give them credit - There's lots of other useful info there as well so please pay them a visit if you are so inclined.

I wanted to address a question that someone left in regards to my last post. They wondered if you couldn't just use the /1 show or /1 hide commands to achieve the same effect as the technique I described. I was under the impression that those commands didn't work unless you owned or had permission to edit an object but I wanted to check it out. I went back to the couch I used as a demonstration in the last post and discovered that I could indeed type "hide" in the chat window and the pose balls disappeared. I was pleasantly surprised because I had just learned a new helpful hint and I appreciate the person who asked the question for opening my eyes to that capability.

So then I was wondering if I had just wasted my time making the blog post and decided test it out in different parts of the sim. It turns out that the "hide" command doesn't work everywhere PLUS it gave me a chance to test an even more helpful tip that I got off of using the same process.

Press the Read More button below to find out even more uses for this technique....

Photo Tip 1 Cont

It seems you can also use this technique for just about ANY object that is in your picture and you don't want there. Notice the difference between the two pictures above. I have used this technique to not only remove the pose balls but also several boxes, a cherry stem, big red letters, etc. from the background.  This is an amazing find for me and I hope it helps other SL photographers get those perfect pics.

Best wishes everyone!


Banana Vella said...

You havent blogged for a while hun. Everything ok? Let me know if theres anything I/we can do.

Love, 'Nana.

Banana Vella said...

Still hoping youre ok :)

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