The Simple Life

Country Girl

Just wanted to drop y'all a quick note about a neat little place I found. It's called Rikugun Farm and it's a great place to go to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday second life.

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You can relax around the a campfire with friends while singing songs and maybe even make some S'mores.

Farm campfire

Be sure to stop at the open air market to pick up some farm fresh food for a picnic by the pond while you watch the ducks.

Farmer's Market

If all that exploring makes you thirsty then you are covered. There's nothing like a tall glass of fresh squeezed lemonade with just the right balance of tart and sweet.

Lemonade Stand

You'll see all the typical farm animals while you are there as well as lots of pretty scenery. This is a family friendly place in a PG sim and they cater to the entire crew with a swing set and a kid friendly activity center featuring gymnastics and even a rock climbing wall.

Check out
Rikugun Farms next time you are looking for a wholesome adventure and a simpler life.

Farmer's Hot Rod

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