Further Insanity

As if going head-to-head with GIMP wasn't enough to torture myself with, I just had to upgrade the blog template / layout today.

I have less than 10 posts on this blog so far and being that it is my first blog you would think that I might be content with a basic layout and generic template while I get the hang of things. But nooooo. All I could do when I saw it was think how bland it looked in comparison with the other blogs I kept up with. I had played with changing the background and text colors a bit, but nothing really appealed to me.

Then I thought that I'd use my newly downloaded GIMP program to at least create a custom header for the blog. HA! Read the post below to understand why that won't be possible anytime in the near future. Next I turned to trying to find a non-standard Blogger template. There were many websites that offered them and I settled on the one you are seeing now. I think that I may have swung a bit far to the opposite end of the bland spectrum but at least it appeals to me and I enjoy looking at the page now.

Of course, by the title of this post you know that can't be the end of the story. I downloaded and installed the new template with no problems and the text and pictures copied over just fine. The insanity began when I started to try to add back some widgets, get the menu links to work and find and insert HTML code. I also wanted to make it easier to navigate and read without having to scroll like crazy just to read a single post. Many frustrating yet rewarding hours have gone by today and I've learned a bit more than I knew before but still have some issues to resolve. Yeah, I'm looking at you Mr. Search bar.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new template as much as I do and don't hesitate to let me know if something isn't working properly.


Banana Vella said...

oo - I wanna learn how to do this!!

Well done and Kudos! I use Gimp all the time - self taught.


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