Japan Tempura Island

So I was browsing through the discussion topics in the Photographers of Secondlife group on Flickr and someone had mentioned Japan Tempura Island as a good place for photo ops. It just so happened that I had on the perfect outfit for such a place so I decide to jaunt over there and see what's what.

OMG...this place is gorgeous! It always amazes me when someone puts in that much time and effort to provide an enjoyable place for residents to use at no cost. Kudos to those that provide such wonderful and imaginative spaces for us to explore.

Japan Tempura Island 5

As I looked around, I discovered that there are so many different areas to this island that I would definitely not be able to fully explore them all in one, two or even three visits. You will find a variety of different landscapes, each with areas to sit and reflect by yourself or dance and romance with another.

Japan Tempura Island 1

Besides some breathtaking landscapes there is also community areas to meditate and do some Tai chi. There is an elaborate ballroom in which to dance the night away and even a cozy submarine.

Japan Tempura Island 2

There is a little building just off the Tai chi platform that is decorated beautifully inside and the perfect place to catch up on some reading, cuddle with a loved one and even get a foot massage!

Japan Tempura Island 3

In catacombs underneath the main building, you will find a romantic spot with fountains, flowers and love nests.

Japan Tempura Island 4

There is so much to see on this island that it's impossible to describe it all here. You just need to go check it out for yourself. Be sure to turn on the local music stream while you are there as it really adds to the overall experience. Fair warning, there can be a lot of lag but that's not surprising with such a complex build that has so much going on. Don't let that stop you from visiting though, because this island is worth the wait.

You can see more pictures of this sim at the
Japan Tempura Island group on Flickr.

All pictures: Model / Photographer - Braunwyn Cleanslate...Photo taken at Japan Tempura Island...Eyes - Miriel - Vivid Hazel...Shape - Alady 2009 Perfect Tribute to Jula...Skin - LionSkins - Suzana - pale 80 (discontinued)...Hair - Celestial Studios - Annie May - Auburn...Outfit - BareRose - Rose Aozai - Black...Earrings - Ticky Tacky - Pearl Teardrop Earrings - freebie...Bracelets - Ticky Tacky - Daily Bangles - freebie


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