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Howdy y’all! Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Braunwyn Cleanslate in-world, but all my friends call me Bryn. I’ve been in SL fairly regularly since November 2006 and let me tell ya, it’s been a crazy ride. Despite that, Second Life has so much to offer and two and a half years later I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface.

Up until this point, my main creative outlet in SL has been building and decorating three of my own houses. I’ve also enjoyed snapping a few pics here and there as well as meeting new people and cultivating friendships. Despite those activities, to be honest, I was feeling like I was in a bit of an SL rut.

Over the last few months though, I’ve picked up a number of new hobbies, each one seemingly leading to the next. It all started when I met someone who had done some style consulting in SL. This person had long given up that profession, but it got me to thinking about my avatar and what improvements could be made. This person had also made a few blog entries about their previous profession and that got me started reading the SL fashion blogs.

Now a whole new world has opened up to me in SL. Just in the last few months I have probably tripled my selection of skins, hair, clothes and shoes while at the same time clearing some very old and unattractive freebies from my inventory (boy, was that a time consuming task!). I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a fashonista at this point but I would feel comfortable with the title frugalista since most of my new stuff is either very inexpensive or free. I’m amazed at the quality of some low cost items in SL, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

With my new and improved avatar I was feeling froggy when I saw a notice for an open model call for one of the in-world agencies, so I jumped. I was overjoyed and a bit intimidated to be selected as one of the agency’s models. That particular “job” lasted only a few weeks before the agency merged with another and had to cut their stable of models in half. I unfortunately didn’t make the cut that time around, but I wasn’t sad because my interest was fully peaked and by exploring modeling opportunities I knew that there were many more options available to gain exposure. Since I already had an interest in photography, I feel that hobby will also grow and develop as I pursue modeling.

I am constructing this blog (my first ever) as a creative outlet for me as well as a place to document the Second Life and times of Bryn. I won’t be focusing on any one thing but instead present a slice of Second Life as seen through my eyes and my interests.

Now that those formalities are out of the way, let's get this show on the road!

Middle of the road
Model / Photographer - Braunwyn Cleanslate...Photo taken at free studio in the Ivalde store...Eyes - Tuli - intense eyes - blue - group gift...Shape - Alady 2009 Perfect Tribute to Jula...Skin - Genesis - Candace Peach "Glitteratti" - group gift...Hair - ETD Kiley - Blonde red - freebie...Shirt - Capris Abby Dawn Sweater - Navy blue - 10L sale...Shorts - Hell Bop - Leonard - hunt gift
Shoes - ETD - Demi Trainers (starley white) - welcome gift...Jewelry - Tickled Pink - Hearts cascade necklace - freebie


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