Fur Therapy

I’ve always been an animal lover and have had pets my whole life so I was thrilled when a friend took me to Canis Dog Park in SL. This is a great place to kick back and unwind with some friendly pooches that are always happy to see you. You can even “adopt” one and take them home with you!

Canis Dog Park 2

The dog park is located on Canis Beach, home of VKC dogs created by Enrico Genosse. There are 12 breeds currently available and each has it’s own animation when you choose to pet them. Some of the dogs definitely look more realistic than others but they all obey the same set of commands, are touted as possessing “artificial intelligence” and “obey physics so they seem more natural and alive. They are active and aware and they learn, so you can teach them to behave the way you like.” Some of the basic commands you can issue are sit, stand, down, bang (play dead), beg, howl, heel, sniff, etc.

Canis Dog Park 4

When you arrive at the dog park you will first notice that the dogs closest to you will “notice” you and come over to be petted. Once you start to pet one dog then it seems they all come over to get their fair share of loving..just like the real thing!

Canis Dog Park 3

I haven’t “adopted” one of the dogs myself, nor do I know anyone who has, so I can’t attest to the experience of owning one of these canine companions but I can tell you that it’s an enjoyable and unique place to visit by yourself or with a friend. While you are there, you can also jump in a sailboat and take a tour around the island or even take a dog for a walk through an underwater garden. It’s a nice place to get your fur therapy in SL.

Canis Dog Park 6


Banana Vella said...

I haz a dog! Actually, its copyable so I have about 4. And a monkey - bit of a rascal that one.
It would be nice to have a home for them, but atm they are living in a corner of my inventory, protecting it.

Bryn said...

What kinda dog do you have Banana?

BTW..I rent a plot on a gorgeous island and the landlord is really easy to work with. Let me know if you would like a LM to check it out.

The rent is very reasonable, you can pick how many prims you need, they will provide you a selection of houses (that doesn't count against your prim limit) or you can build your own.

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